Saturday, January 14, 2012

Things Change (But the Song Remains the Same)

I made a comment in the last post that there will be some big changes ahead.  Last Saturday, I became a father for the first time. It's an event I've looked forward to with a great deal of excitement and a healthy dose of fear (anyone who doesn't experience the latter, in my opinion, is clinically insane). There is no doubt this is going to turn my world on its head and affect every corner of my life, and one of those corners is this project. Does this mean the end?

Nope. I personally know several parents of young children who find the time to fit in their musical endeavors. In fact, I see this project as more important than ever as my son enters the world. While he might not appreciate yet, I see it as embodying some of the lessons I want him to learn about music. It is something to be shared with others, both as a performer and as a collaborator. It is something created, not simply consumed and/or regurgitated, meant to express something within you that makes you who you are. It is art, contributing to the culture around you, in its own way big or small. Stepping back somewhat to a broader view, continuing the project is a lesson by way of demonstration that one must not sacrifice what is important to them. The last thing I want to do is provide him with the example that having a child means throwing away your other passions and dreams. No one should ever have such a tragic view presented to them.

That's not to say some adjustments won't have to be made. The luxury of sequestering myself in the basement studio may need to give way to impromptu recordings, or a greater emphasis on loops and sequencing that can be done on my laptop while looking after him. It may mean less frequent posting, or perhaps just more brief. Any plans and direction for the project in the coming year will need to be made with him in mind. It will be interesting to see how fatherhood factors in, and I'm excited to see what challenges and surprises it will present me with.