Wednesday, October 12, 2011

At Long Last, Some Music

Two months of silence has yielded two minutes of music......... Wooooo!

Pretty Sure That Yesterday I Hurt You

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It may be short and simple, but that's all the song seemed to call for. Musically it seems to draw somewhat from the folk rock camp, which has crept into some of the other tunes as well. The lyrical theme for the song came from a dream, which is rare as only once or twice a year do I ever remember anything about my dreams upon waking. Perhaps it is better to term it a nightmare as it was far darker than the song's lyrics suggest. I remember it closed with a horrid feeling, an suffocating sadness in the realization that the words that had left my mouth seconds before had irreparably harmed the loved one in my dream. I could sense the scars forming within as their face fell, knowing that no amount of tenderness and care would ever make them whole again.

But who wants to write a song like that?!  So I wrote this song, which is still tragic but a little less so.

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